These are the 50 Tips I
learned from Blogging to make the Best Profitable Blog

  1. Get yourself a Blog Platform (Free Host\Paid Host).
  2. Get and easy to remember Domain Name (Free Host\Paid Host).
  3. Blog about a Niche and Never Give Up.
  4. Blog till you die and never give up.
  5. Remove rel="nofollow" on your comments.
  6. Give a SEO tweak on your title tags.
  7. Make an "About" & "Contact" page on your Blog.Create your own "Advertise" page.
  8. Provide an alternative way to contact you (MSN Skype,..etc).
  9. Accept interviews form bloggers.
  10. Insert Meta Keyword and Meta Description.
  11. Use visible colors and always back up your Blog.
  12. Do donations on other blogs.
  13. Participate on Forums.
  14. Submit your Blog to Web Directories.
  15. Submit your Posts to Article Directories.
  16. Release your eBook free.
  17. Write list of (Top 10, How to, ..etc).
  18. Write short but wisely posts.
  19. Make list of webmasters tools to optimize your blog.
  20. Be the first in a topic not written yet.
  21. Create Intelligent blog Ads.
  22. Use Google AdSense.
  23. Don't use Pop Up and Pop Under Ads.
  24. Position Ads effectively so they don't disgust your readers.
  25. Write with simple English.
  26. Post Questions on your readers.
  27. Post articles on weekends; more readers.
  28. Throw a picture in your post.
  29. Post your best articles on Blog Carnival.
  30. Read SEO books.
  31. Provide a section for you popular posts.
  32. Motivate yourself to post daily.
  33. Have a list of Blog Roll that you read daily.
  34. Purchase a Unique Design or Design it your self.
  35. Post Comments on other Blogs.
  36. Build Strong link with Bloggers.
  37. Try to look for Sponsors.
  38. Submit your Blog to Alexa to rank you.
  39. Get your blog instantly indexed on Google.
  40. Claim your blog on Technorati.
  41. Join Social Blog network (MyBlogLog, BlogCatalog).
  42. Submit and Bookmark you articles on (Stumbleupon, Digg, Del.icio.us, Reddit)
  43. Setup your RSS Feed with FeedBruner.
  44. Get Email Feed.
  45. Get Full RSS Feed.
  46. Learn to Enjoy what you are doing.
  47. Use Google Analytics to Gauge your Traffic.
  48. Listen to other when you have made a mistake.
  49. Make people feel comfortable with you.
  50. Learn to be yourself and write in your own way.
  51. and remember....There are NO Rules in Blogging!
...The post is opened for more Great Tips, You can notify my Via Comments if you have any Tip, Thanks for your Help!

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e-Dollars Online said... @ April 29, 2009 at 12:52 PM

Great Tips, Thanks so much.

Hawaii Beauty said... @ April 29, 2009 at 12:53 PM

I really find your tips profitable, Thanks buddy

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ikenna said... @ May 13, 2009 at 7:02 PM

You just inspired me to the bone. Nice and wonderful tips.
i have sme useful tips on my blog.

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