What is Google AdSense?

Actually, Google AdSense is an easy and fast way that allow publishers (Owners of the Web Sites) to show Google's Ads on their web pages and earn money.

These Ads must have a relation with the niche of the web site, so you can earn money from it and gives your web site a great value.

Also, It's a way that allow publishers to add the service of Google Search on their website, which allow them to earn money by showing Google's Ads on the page appeared by the result of the search....

Google AdSense is totally free. It Connects between Pay Per Click (PPC) and Pay Per View (PPV). That means that you will earn money for Number of Clicks and Views of the Ads.

You can try it now for free. http://www.google.com.eg/intl/ca/ads/
but first you must read and agree on Google's Policy. Fill in the request and a message will be delivered on your G-Mail after 2~3 days whether you were accepted or not. After that you can log in to your AdSense account and get the Ads HTML code to put it on your Website\Blog.

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