Welcome to the First part of Lesson 2 - The ECL Series Course -
How to Earn Hundreds of Dollars from Blogging using (Affiliates) Google AdSense.

As I’ve mentioned before, Within the Lesson 1 (Part 2) (How To Target Your Audience) you will examine the following:

  1. Design The Blog.
  2. Good Content and Articles.
  3. E-Marketing your Blog.
  4. Fifty (50) Golden Tips to Make the Best Profitable Blog.
And now..let’s get started...

First, Design Your Blog.

As we said before, there are 2 ways to host blogs. Free hosting and paid hosting. We will explain how to create a blog in the free hosting site, blogger.com.
Go to www.blogger.com. Click on (Create your blog now). A new page will appear titled "Create your account".

Enter your data on the following order:
  1. Choose your name
  2. Enter a password
  3. Retype password
  4. Email address
Mark the "I agree to the Terms of Service" button and click on "Continue". A new page will appear titled "Name your blog"

Enter these data on the following order:
  1. Your Blog Title.
  2. Your Blog address (URL). ex: www.YourBlogName.blogspot.com
  3. The Word Verification.
click on "Continue"

FAQ: When i checked the availability of my blog address I was told this address was already taken!! what can i do?
Try using a dash between the words. ex: www.Your-Blog-Name.blogspot.com. If it is still unavailable, change your blog name.

Note: AdSense do not accept URLs more than 30 letters including (WWW.) and (.com). and of course (.blogspot) so it is better to keep you blog URL less than 13 letter when using blogger.com to fit the required URL length. One other thing, remember what we have said about choosing you blog and domain name? Preferable to choose a Blog name that has a relation with its content. This provides a major effort in its marketing. Also try to keep you domain name same as your Blog Name, easy to remember, and put your main keyword in your domain and blog name.
It now appears that Blogger has a new flagging system that can catch most auto-software trying to set up multiple accounts. As you can no longer use link farms effectively this is a moot point and you should only be creating 3-4 blogs per account. Do not use the same keywords in each blog. IE. Don't create related blogs in each account. If you want ten blogs targeted to 1 niche then put each blog on a separate account.
let's continue...

A new page will appear titled "Choose your blog template". Here you will find a number of ready-made templates, select the template you want. You can preview the template before choosing it, and that is by clicking on "View template", click "Continue".

Next, you will see a page telling you that your blog has been created and you can start writing your first post.

The Dashboard

Before you publish your first post, it is necessary to identify the dashboard so you can change your blog properties as you like.

In the dashboard, there is a link named "Create a Blog". and it is the possibility of creating another blog with the same user id, so can the create more that a Blog. also in the Dashboard a link named "Edit Profile" Which enable you to add, delete, or modify your personal information and your photo too.

The Edit user profile page.

There is Privacy in this page which able to control the privacy of your data by preventing the appearance of your Profile Page.

Note: It is not important to fill in your profile page. also you can prevent the appearance of it by removing the mark in front of "Share my profile"

The Settings.

In the Dashboard you will find the name of the blog you created. beside it you will find a button named "New Post". by clicking on it you will be able to write your new posts and publish it. beside "New Post" you will find another link named "Settings". by clicking in it, a page will appear with two bars, the first include (Posting - Settings - Layout - Monetize). the second changes depending on each section.

Note: After making any change in the settings, Click on "Save settings".

And now lets talk about the Settings Bar which includes:

1. Basic

In the basic bar you will find...
  1. Title: To change your blog title.
  2. Description: To change your blog description.
  3. Add your blog to our listing?: If you choose "Yes", then you allow Blogger to list your blog within the other blogs so others can check it out.
  4. Show quick editing on your blog?: If you choose "Yes", a fast editing tool will appear under each of your post so you can edit you post fast within your blog page.
  5. Show email post link?: If you choose "Yes", you will view an email Post links which let your visitors easily email posts from your blog to their friends.
  6. Show compose mode for all your blogs?: If you choose "Yes", then a mode will appear to you while writing your posts where you manipulate text with formatting buttons with out the need to use HTML codes.
2. Publishing

You can change your blog URL

3. Formatting
  1. Show: The number of posts that you want displayed on the home page of your blog.
  2. Date header format: Select a date on which you want to show in the top of your posts.
  3. Archive Index date format: Select the date shape that will appear in your Archive.
  4. Timestamps format: Select the shape of the date you want it to appear on your blog.
  5. Time Zone: Select the suitable time for your blog.
  6. language: Choose your language
  1. Show: To appear comments on your blog. select no if you don't want to show comments on your blog.
  2. Who Can Comment?: Select whom can comment on your blog.
  3. Comment Form Placement: where do you wont the comment form to be.
  4. Comments Default for Posts: Choose between (New posts have comments, or New posts don't have comments)
  5. Backlinks: Backlinks enable you to keep track of other pages on the web that link to your posts.
  6. Comments Timestamps Format: Choose the shape you want for the date in the comments form.
  7. Comment Notification Email: Enter your email so you receive an email when a visitor leave a comment in your blog to inform you.
5. Archiving.

Archive Frequency: Choose between Monthly, Daily, or Weekly.

6. Permission.

You can create a blog and allow other authors to blog with you.

Second, Writing, coordination, and publishing the post.

Posting,....Is a simple process facilitated by the WYSIWYG technique. It is and abbreviation for "What you get is what you see", and that is done using the Compose mode.

Now I have finished with the First Part of Lesson 2. In The second part, I’m going to turn the attention onto the following:
  1. Good Content and Articles.
  2. E-Marketing your Blog.
  3. Golden Tips to Make the Best Profitable Blog.
The Series So Far:
  1. An Introduction On Methods To Make Money Online
  2. Lesson 1 (Part 1) - What are Blogs and How to earn money from them?
  3. Lesson 1 (Part 2) - How To Target Your Audience?
  4. Lesson 2 (Part 1) - How to create and design your blog?
To Be Continued,...

You've read the post. What's next?

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