Welcome to the First Part of Lesson 1 of the ECL Series Course
"How to Earn Hundreds of Dollars from Blogging using (Affiliates)
Google AdSense"

How To Earn Hundreds Of Dollars Using Google AdSense and Affiliate Programs Series Course

As I’ve mentioned before, this series of guides is perfect for beginners, newbies, and experienced Blogging and AdSense Money Making as it will introduce you to all of the basic principles of the industry and walk you through higher end.

And now,..let’s get started...

Firstly, What are Blogs and How to earn money from them?

A Blog (Weblog) is a Web site as any site, but takes the form of magazine that exposed articles in the order of historical events..and the subject of the blog could be any thing that comes to your mind (Education, sports, medicine, entertainment, tourism, news, hobby, ...etc) As of December 2007, the blog search engine Technorati was tracking more than 112 million blogs.

Special Characteristics of Blogs:
  1. No technical knowledge required: You don’t need technical expertise to write a blog.
  2. Readers can leave comment: Your readers can respond to your posts so that you can start to see who is interested in the same areas as you.
  3. Automatically organized:Categories’ and ‘Archives’ are integral parts of a blog.
  4. Multiple Authors: Not only can one person add content but you can allow access to any number of people so that you have several authors contributing to a topic.

Would you like to have a blog and make it a constant source of earning money?
Of course the answer will be "Yes", who don't want to not have a blog and make it good source of income...!

Is it possible for blogs to be a means of income to its owner?
Yes it is possible, and that is through several simple and free ways that helps blogs to make money.

And now, How to earn from blogs?

There are many ways you can earn from blogs depending on what type of blog you have and what you are blogging about.

These are the most important stages to make blogs a source of income:
  1. Choosing the niche of the blog and the good construction of the site.
  2. Featured content and effective professional marketing.
  3. Changing the blog into a profitable project.
We can say that the most important things to success any project is:
  1. The Good Unique products (The Articles)
  2. The suitable market for this products
  3. Electronic and Online Marketing
There is another important thing the called "Targeting" and it is one of the most important things to be worked for the success of any project and it is summarized by having a Goal Aims To Target The Audience. The Goal is to transform the Internet to markets, and bring visitors to these markets, and turn them into buyers or customers, or to turn there clicks (Internet Users) into cash.

When it comes to making money from blogs there is more than one stream of revenue to have. The best solution for blogs is Google AdSense and Affiliate Programs. Google AdSense covers a vast array of different topics and is contextual so will serve up relevant Ads on your site. The other option is promoting Affiliate Products where you get a commission once a customer from your site buys a product from the affiliates you are promoting. Of course we will explain every thing about Google AdSense and Affiliate Programs but in the coming lessons.

Now I have finished with the First Part of Lesson 1. In the Second Part of Lesson 1 I’m going to turn the attention onto The Ways of Targeting Audience. Within the Second Part you will examine the following:
  1. Choosing good Niche for your Blog.
  2. Ways to write Articles for your Blog.
  3. Choosing the Blog Name.
  4. Choosing a Hosting Service.
I hope you have learned something new. Follow Me and get ready for The Second Part of Lesson 1.

Before I end this post, I want to thank My teachers Mr.Khaled Muhammad Khaled (E-Commerce Specialist in Egypt and America) and Mr.Abd-Elrasik Muhammad Khaled (E-Marketing Specialist) for lighting the way for me to learn The E-Commerce Technology.

The Series So Far:
  1. An Introduction On Methods To Make Money Online
  2. Lesson 1 (Part 1) - What are Blogs and How to earn money from them?
  3. Lesson 1 (Part 2) - How To Target Your Audience?
  4. Lesson 2 (Part 1) - How to create and design your blog?
To Be Continued,...

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