How to Earn Hundreds of Dollars from Blogging using (Affiliates) Google AdSense

Welcome to the Second Part of Lesson 1 - the ECL Series Course -

As I’ve mentioned before, Within the Second Part (How To Target Your Audience) you will examine the following:

  1. Choosing good Niche for your Blog.
  2. Ways to write Articles for your Blog.
  3. Choosing the Blog Name.
  4. Six (6) Tips to choose your Domain Name.
  5. Choosing a Hosting Service.
And now,..let’s get started...

Firstly, Choosing good Niche for your Blog.

Before starting your blog, you have to take some time to choose the subject of your blog which must be compatible with Google AdSense. Many blogger don't make lots of money from there blogs and this is due to:

  1. The Non-well Selection of their blogs subjects which don't bring them many expensive ads for there blogs.
  2. There failure to follow the ways of marketing.

Therefore, Scientists developed a way of marketing called "Article Marketing". This science is specializing in choosing an attractable content, and writing it to conform with a process called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Especially the On Page Optimization which is everything that have a relation with keywords. Of course, we will speak in detail on the Search Engine Optimization, but in other posts.

The selection of the blog subject is considered the most important point to start this project. Preferably before starting of a blog to choose the subject that holds your interest, and have a great experience with. And Most important of all, enthusiasm for the topic to continue. Most of the blogs have been stopped because their owners miss the enthusiasm for their topic after two or three months.

In order not to lose the enthusiasm, you have to ask yourself some questions before considering the selection of the subject.

You can find these questions in this topic:
The following list is the Best Ideas for an Ideal Profitable Blog.
  • Blog devoted to talk about making money from Internet
  • Technology and computers
  • Core courses in the computer
  • Investment and Real Estate Marketing
  • Cooking Secrets & Conditions
  • Problems and Solutions
  • Full Forum
  • Street Children
  • Health care for pregnant women
  • Decorate the house
To Be Continued in an other post...

It is not necessary for the subject of your blog to be similar to these ideas. As if you copied the market leaders' ideas, you will increase their strength and weaken yours.

And now, How to find Articles for your blog?

Of course, the best way to write articles is to write it from your own thoughts of imitation,..But if you want to know how to find free articles for your blog ...
The following are the best ways to find ways to free articles for your blog.

Search Engines and Directories: Use your favorite search engine such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. Type the name of the topic that you would like to be your blog, Example: "Sports News". You will find thousands of sites which speaks on the Sports News. Copy the most important topics and past it in a Word file. Collect the most important pieces of information and rewrite them to make them better coordinated. Add some of articles, Constitution and ideas you see on this subject so it is looks like a new subject and not a copied one. Make at least 10 articles with this way so you can publish one article every day to bring you new AdSense ads frequently.

Forums: You can search the forums itself. You'll find a thousand posts on the subject you want. Read it and do the same steps in the Search Engines and Directories.

Blogs: You can search for topics for your blog on other blogs as there are hundreds of blogs talking about the same topic of yours. You can search these blogs and take ideas and excerpts, but beware of taking a replica, as Google may ignore your site and close your account later.

E-Zines: E-Zines is an abbreviation for (Electronic Magazines). You can search for the topics you want for your blog inside it. Collects the best articles you find, read them and do the same steps in Search Engines and Directories, or you can copy the HTML code in the e-Zine and paste it in your blog, include the URL to the real author's site.

One of the joys (and frustrations) of being a freelance writer contributing to multiple magazines, newspapers, and websites is the need to come up with a constant flow of new ideas for articles.

This is not always an easy task by any means—often it seems downright impossible. So here are list of ways to find articles almost anywhere. (Written by Susan Johnston - Free Lance Switch.com)
Choosing a name for your blog.

Preferable to choose a Blog name that has a relation with its content so that visitors can learn about the blog from its name which appears on the search engines. This provides a major effort in its marketing.

Choosing a domain name for your blog.

There are few simple rules to follow while choosing a Domain Name/Blog Name. Doing this will help your site with greater synergy effect. Check them out and follow them.
  1. Always use “.com” Domain Name
  2. Keep Blog Name same as your Domain Name
  3. Easy to remember
  4. Put your main keyword in your domain name
  5. Don’t go too general, Don’t go too niche
  6. Think of a tag line to your blog name
There you have six quick points to help you choose your Domain name.

Selecting you Hosting Service

There are two ways to host blogs. Free hosting and a paid hosting. Of course will explain the free hosting simply because the cost of dealing with it is (Zero) and the blog can be set up in five minutes. In the next Lesson (Lesson 2) You will find the explanation with images on how to
create a blog on www.Blogger.com which is free blogs hosting site.

Now I have finished with the Second Part of Lesson 1. In Lesson 2 I’m going to turn the attention onto the following:
  1. Design The Blog.
  2. Good Content and Articles.
  3. E-Marketing your Blog.
  4. Fifty (50) Golden Tips to Make the Best Profitable Blog.
And now, get ready for Lesson 2.

The Series So Far:
  1. An Introduction On Methods To Make Money Online
  2. Lesson 1 (Part 1) - What are Blogs and How to earn money from them?
  3. Lesson 1 (Part 2) - How To Target Your Audience?
  4. Lesson 2 (Part 1) - How to create and design your blog?
To Be Continued,...

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