Here is some tips i learned to build a good website to make your visitors stay much more time...

  • Don't make it hard that is impossible to be reached
  • Don't put bad information about the company
  • Don't make the first page more than 500 KB or more
  • Don't search for cheap and slow web hosts
  • Be honest with the visitors about the kind of companies so they can make a good idea about its service
  • Don't put the mail and phone number at the bottom of the page so it can be reached easely
  • Don't force the visitors to sin up before visiting the site
  • Don't make the first page full of videos and high graphic images to be uploaded faster
  • Make a good title and not "Welcome to our site!"
  • Put small icons like "Contact Us" "FAQ" "About" and "Our Catalog"
  • Don't increase exclamation mark "!" in your website
  • Insert some search engines inside your first page to make the visitors stay more time

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