Some people were asking if there is more than one type of Affiliate Programs?
Yes, there is 10 t types of affiliate programs..

Top 3 Kinds:

1. Pay Per - View (PPV)
Payment just by viewing the Ads
The only one who gets profit threw this process is the Affiliates (Owner of the Website)
2. Pay Per - Click (PPC)
Payment just by Clicking on the Ads
This kind get lots of visitors but most of them don't buy the products of the Merchant as it's only a small percentage of visitors who buys the products which make the merchants spend lots of money for the owners of the sites (Affiliates)
3. Pay Pay - Sale (PPS)
Payment just by Sales
This kind is the best for Merchants because they pay only for sales

There is other kinds of affiliates like:

  • Pay Pay Click - Thought { Rate (CTR) }
  • Pay Per Lead
  • Pay Per Order
  • Pay Per Install
  • Pay Per Search
  • Pay Per Form
  • Pay Per Page
The most famous kind is the PPC as you earn money if the visitor clicked on the Ad ( Banner)
It doesn't matter if he bought or not.

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