You all agrees with me that if you have the best product and the best website and you can't reach the customers to increase your site, you won't be able to earn money. when you start your job you will be concentrated on improving your website products within most of your time so you will just submit you site to the search engines,... That's not enough!

Customers searches for their needs threw search engines and directories, so if they found your site they will visit it and stay some seconds before switching on an other site. So Firstly you have to insert an easy key words that tells exactly about what is in your website.

Secondly, you need to make the design of your website tells the visitors the most important things with a large font, and this must be interesting and in the top half of the page in the first page of your website.

If you succeeded in making visitors stay long time in your website, they will click on the Ads(Banners) of the Merchants or at least they will save your site so they can easily reach it again. So how to make the visitors stay long time in your website to get more chance for the visitors to click on the Ads(Banners) in your website?

Simply, You need to make the first impression of the visitors to this site is a WOW!!. and by adding Social Valuables and Useful Skills like Forums and Chat Rooms as i said before (Free Service).

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