How is the Affiliate Process Done?

If you have a website and want to earn money threw this website, What should you do?

1. Search for an important service to give for free threw your site,..Examples:

  • Information & Services
  • PC Call Services
  • Forums gives information and news
  • e-Learning
  • Download Free Books
  • Download Free Software
  • e-Books
  • Free Games Online
  • Services for Women
  • Contents with free gifts
  • Directories includes free sites
  • And More..
2. Make a site with a simple shape and no complicates.
3. Submit your site threw most important search engines and directories.
4. Send emails for website and companies that offers the affiliate process
5. Try to search for a Merchant that offers a service similar to yours.
6. Renew your site frequently to force the visitors to visit you frequently.
7. Try to have more than one Merchant's Ads (Banners) in your website.

Make Sure you understand this drawing well and you will find that this process is about How to increase the traffic of your site so visitors buys from merchant's Ads (Banners) and increase you commission.

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