What are Broker Companies?

These broker companies collects all the sites and companies that wants to be a Merchant and search for affiliates (Owners of websites) for them to bring them customers. So instead of searching for website and companies that wants to be a merchants and searching for affiliates and then start to email them and take their acceptation and wait for them to bring you there HTML codes to put it in your website,...these broker companies economizes on you all that effort. you will just sin up in a site like Link Share and it will collect all the companies that accepted to be a Merchant and gives you the HTML codes for each Company (Merchant)

These Broker Companies takes a percentage from your profit, it differs from a company to another.

Top 5 Broker Companies

Link Share
URL: http://www.linkshare.com/

Link share has an extensive list of high-profile clients. They offer a centralized reporting mechanism for affiliates.

Commission Junction
URL: http://www.cj.com/

Commission Junction provides advanced performance-based marketing solutions that help marketers increase online leads and sales.

Click Bank
URL: http://www.clickbank.com/

With ClickBank every link on your web site can be a source of revenue, Use the ClickBank Marketplace to find sites that will be interested to people who visits your website.

URL: http://www.performics.com/

Performics is a leading provider of Affiliates Marketing Services and facilitates billions of dollars in e-commerce transactions for more than 300 advertisers.

Clix Galore
URL: http://www.clixgalore.com/

ClixGalore is one of the lager affiliate networks with over 4500+ affiliate programs for you to join. You can search their entire database of companies seeking affiliates.

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